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Playing with Reciprocal Roof Designs | SculptingEarth March 14, 2013

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:( November 29, 2012

1 day a week for 21 weeks straight I have dedicated my self to laboring to make this project happen ON THE WRONG PLOT OF LAND!!!  I can not even convey the stream of emotions I have gone through since I discovered the mistake.  It all started because I was attempting to get the project site on the map on and it was showing up in the “wrong place”….or I have been in the wrong place.  I am not arrogant enough to assume that I know more than google earth so I looked into things.  It took a few minutes to track the right page down and then I had to open internet exploder because I couldn’t look at the plot maps online using google…anyway when I looked at the deed and looked at the plot maps I could clearly see I was in fact in the wrong.  I wasn’t sure what to do so I gave Pug a call.  You all might remember him from the post Neighbors.  He’s the guy that offered to help with getting a driveway in.  He is also a builder and as soon as I told him I could tell it kind of blew his mind.  He got off the phone long enough to take a look at some plot maps himself and sure enough I am supposed to be directly across the street from Pug, not down the street.  Bottom line is the lady from the real estate office made a mistake when she showed me the plots and then again when she marked the plot for me.  You know this is one of the things I was worried about.  I still have the e-mail I sent her asking her to please meet me out there because I wanted to make sure I was certain which plot it was before closing.  We talked on the phone later and she told me she had marked it with pink tape for me and that I shouldn’t have a problem finding it.  You can see the bits of pink marking tape in some of the early blog pictures.

On the good side I have friends getting involved and we will be having a work party there this Sunday to try to get as much of my stuff as possible moved to the correct plot.  The real estate lady says she will “get it right” and I am trusting her that she will do so.  If you can lend a hand let me know.  The property is in Ravenel on Fox Dr and I should be there by 11am.  Many hands make light work!


Work party November 23, 2012

I will be out at my property this Sunday 11/25/12. I’m not sure exactly what I will be doing but a friend wanted to come over and hang out with me for the day so I thought why not make a party out of it. I have brush mounds that still need covered, wood that needs to be cut, split, and stacked to dry and an idea for a greenhouse from french doors and old windows that I have. I’m not sure exactly what time I will get out there but it will be before noon. If anyone wants to ride out with me let me know. I live in North Charleston and the property is in Ravenel on Fox Dr. It is easy to find and impossible to miss but let me know if you need directions.  You can leave a message here or message me on facebook


step 1 November 15, 2012

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I met with April Magil, a local Architect and Natural Builder, on Monday and just heard back from her.  “just spoke to jim houser with chas. county building dept….he was a little ‘gruff’ at first but by the end of our conversation he was laughing and said ‘we look forward to seeing this.’ (that’s how they all seem to be)

he brought up all the usual’s….hurricanes, seismic, termites, etc….i told him we would address these issues.
bottom line, they will want my stamp as well as structural engineer stamp and we have to ‘answer any questions the county may have.’
i’m going to contact my structural engineer now and then i’ll work up a fee proposal for you in the next few days…..all in all, he was really nice and seems like they will be pretty easy to work with.”
So now I will be waiting for the fee proposal.  I feel excited and a little nervous that the numbers will be high and it would take me a long time to figure out the money for it.  Fingers crossed (not literally) and waiting.  I hope the structural engineer April has been working with is willing to work with roundwood timbers and cordwood and cob fill…and I can’t forget the reciprocal framed green roof.  If not I will have to find someone else.  Somehow I am less nervous about that than having the money to move forward.

Roundwood arbor (work in progress) September 11, 2012

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I found a use for small trees I am cutting down 🙂


Almost finished August 29, 2012

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If you go into the blog homepage there are more pictures and you can see the progress.  In this picture it has a fresh coat of tung oil.  Unfortunately it is raining already now.  I have the hive under the umbrella on the patio.  It was still tacky when it started raining.  I’m not sure what the effect on the finish will be so wish me luck 🙂


Tbh gets legs

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Here are the legs for my top bar hive.


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