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step 1 November 15, 2012

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I met with April Magil, a local Architect and Natural Builder, on Monday and just heard back from her.  “just spoke to jim houser with chas. county building dept….he was a little ‘gruff’ at first but by the end of our conversation he was laughing and said ‘we look forward to seeing this.’ (that’s how they all seem to be)

he brought up all the usual’s….hurricanes, seismic, termites, etc….i told him we would address these issues.
bottom line, they will want my stamp as well as structural engineer stamp and we have to ‘answer any questions the county may have.’
i’m going to contact my structural engineer now and then i’ll work up a fee proposal for you in the next few days…..all in all, he was really nice and seems like they will be pretty easy to work with.”
So now I will be waiting for the fee proposal.  I feel excited and a little nervous that the numbers will be high and it would take me a long time to figure out the money for it.  Fingers crossed (not literally) and waiting.  I hope the structural engineer April has been working with is willing to work with roundwood timbers and cordwood and cob fill…and I can’t forget the reciprocal framed green roof.  If not I will have to find someone else.  Somehow I am less nervous about that than having the money to move forward.

Any Thoughts?

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