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New Friends from Craigslist July 21, 2012

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New Friends from Craigslist

Angel (my bad dog) and I have just returned from John’s Island where we went to the home of Mike(not in this picture), Liz (who wasn’t home at the time) and Edith (their bad dog, who for the record is not nearly as bad as my bad dog).  We met through my craigslist ad.

Mike showed me around his place and offered up a wealth of building materials, tools, and equipment.  Being able to borrow things like ladders will save me money, just as much as getting a free window will.  He said I can leave it all there until I am ready for it.  He even has a small number of cedar shakes that I think will be perfect for the gable peaks.  Mike also took me on a mini-tour of his neighbors nurseries and says he’ll fill my place up with as many plants as I want once it is ready for that. Thank you so much!


Jennifer and Angel


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