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Today’s Project April 28, 2014

Filed under: Life's Little Riches — revivalnatural @ 10:23 pm


I had found this old chandelier along side the road last week.


Most of the”candles” were already partly stripped down.


To do so simply remove the bulb, slide the plastic past that is supposed to look like a candle up,and then slide the cardboard up.  This exposes the wiring.  I’ll go back to that in a little bit.


Next unscrew the center part of the chandelier and pull the wires out.


Next flip it over and remove the bottom.



Once the bottom is opened up and the wires are exposed remove the wire nuts and electrical tape.  Unwind all of the wires.


Disconnect the wires from each part of the fixture and pull them out.  Reassemble the chandelier without the wiring.


Once the wires are out of the way remove the inner part of the individual candles and replace them with the type of brass nuts used for lamps.  You should be able to find these at your local hardware store.


After that the chandelier is ready for candles.


Any Thoughts?

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