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The Basics Of Companion Planting In A Vegetable Garden January 31, 2014

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This is a nice basic guide to companion planting for the most common garden vegetables.

Old World Garden Farms

One of the ways to help your garden become more productive is to employ the principles of companion planting. Companion planting encompasses all of the relationships between plants that grow near or with each other. The key is in knowing which of those relationships are beneficial  – and which can be harmful.

Some varieties benefit by being cultivated with others because of the nutrients they can provide to the soil and the companion plants.  Beans are famous for helping corn grow better because they fix nitrogen levels in the soil, making it easy for the corn to soak it up.

Other plants provide support or shade for a different variety grown in close proximity – such as leaf lettuce inserted around tomatoes. As the tomatoes grow they provide valuable shade to the lettuce crop – and the lettuce in turn covers the soil as a live mulch.

Still another benefit can…

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