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Herb Garden Needs A Kitchen Near By! January 26, 2014

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Town & Country Gardening

herbs-n-potsEvery kitchen needs at least 3 maybe more small Herb plots(Gardens).
Before rushing out to buy herb plants or herb seeds, consider this.

  • All herbs like Full Sun exposure.
  • If you do not have a south facing window to provide strong sun light for your potted herbs, growing potted herbs will be a real challenge at best.

    Herbs can be grouped into 3 classes.

    1. Culinary herbs are probably the most useful to herb gardeners, having a wide range of uses in cooking. These herbs, because of their strong flavors, are generally used in small quantities to add flavor. Parsley, produced in the largest amount, is used mostly as a garnish. Next in popularity is sage — an important flavoring in pork sausage. Other popular culinary herbs include chives, thyme, savory, marjoram, mint, and basil.

    2. Medicinal herbs have long been thought to have curative powers. But while present medical…

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