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If at first you don’t sucSEED March 11, 2013

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Remember the post about damping off?….well it only got worse.  I will spare you the grewsome details but let’s just say “total loss” would be an appropriate term for my baby tomatoes and peppers.  Some of the tomato seeds I did not have extra of so I guess I will not be growing them this year.  I have restarted Cherokee Purple, Roma, Rutgers, and Chadwicks Cherry varieties and still have the tree tomatoes and italian heirlooms growing.  I also restarted all of the peppers and a couple other varieties of hot pepper as well.  Now I have Serrano and Ancho (Poblano) in addition to the Early Jalapeno.  The sweet peper varieties are Jimmy Nardello’s Sweet Italian, California Wonder, and some sweet baby bells from seeds I saved.  I am not sure of the actual variety of the baby bell peppers but I saved seeds from yellow, orange, and red ones.
I managed to get a good population of fruit flies going in addition to the bacterial problem and ended up pitching most of my baby citrus.  What I didn’t pitch some nocternal critter was nice enough to destroy for me.
Enough bad news….the Dragon Fruit plants are really starting to take off. 


I ate a delicious pineapple and have started the top, based on the directions from last month’s Lowcountry Fruit Growers Society meeting.


Chris Carnevale sent me some “Ruby” blood orange seeds via USPS and I have them and some grapefruit seeds germinating.


I have some sweet potatoes soaking, hopefully depeloping slips for me to plant.


I have a cutting from a LSU fig rooting (hopefully) in some damp peat.


Last but not least, I bought myself a cute garden sign 🙂



Any Thoughts?

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