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The dangers of damping off February 18, 2013

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I had expected some problems from leaving my seedlings out in the storm a couple weeks ago and now I have many of them falling over dead.  They are a sad sight indeed.


One of the cucumber plants is going to make it but the rest are in bad shape.  One other one might pull through.  The healthy one is in the front and the one that I still have hope for is to the right of it.  The others, in the background are basically dead already. 
The Roma tomatoes were hit pretty hard too.  Only one is left standing and it is looking pretty sad too.


I have lost some others as well but those seem to be the worst off.  Most of the peppers look ok and some varieties of tomato seem to be doing very well.


This tray has Rutgers, an improved beefsteak called ‘Delicious’ and Cherokee Purple.  They all seem to be doing great. 


In this tray I have had some damping off but have thinned out the worst of it.  I lost some. Evergreen, Big Rainbow, and Brandywine tomatoes, but except one pot of Evergreen there is still a tomato plant in each pot.

Damping off is caused by bacteria which can come from unsterilized pots, potting soil, or rain water.  Most seedlings will be strong enough to withstand it once they are a couple inches tall.  I did not know rain could cause such a problem and thought it would be good for them.  Lesson learned.  I guess I will be starting more Roma tomatoes this week.


Any Thoughts?

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