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Happy birthday to me February 11, 2013

Filed under: Life's Little Riches — revivalnatural @ 9:23 am

Everyone kept asking what I had planned for my birthday and I kept telling them nothing.  Apparently they thought this meant I would be available to be suprised.  Me having nothing planned for my birthday really just meant I had nothing planned that would normally be considered a special, birthday related activity.  My friend Nicole, who I am staying with came out to bring me a birthday muffin and I was already gone to buy plant tags and then transplant seedling to my property.  Once everyone tracked me down I had to come home and make myself somewhat presentable before heading downtown to eat and explore the shops.  We had a good time AND I got my cold weather veggies transplanted.  What more could a girl want 🙂


One Response to “Happy birthday to me”

  1. Mike Boston Says:

    happy b-day!! i enjoy all the posts on revival..lots of love and respect, mike, liz and edith..


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