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Finally starting my tree tomatoes February 8, 2013

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Ever since seeing a picture of a tomato plant trellised to look like a tree I have been excited to try one of them.  All it took was a quick search on e-bay and I was able to find “Giant Italian Tree Tomato” seeds from e-bay seller aprilshowers2010.  This was months ago so I do not know if there are more left or not.  You can try contacting the seller I got mine from or just do a search of your own and see what comes up.  The seller also sent along a couple of bonus seed packets, one labeled “Italian Heirloom” and the other “Roma” but I will not be planting the roma variety right now since I already have 6 pots with roma seeds from a different source.  I am going to start the Italian Heirloom and Giant Italian Tree tomatoes tonight. 
To be clear the “tree tomatoes” are not a tree.  They are simply an indeterminate variety of tomato that grows very large and can be trellised to look like a tree.  I am growing quite a variety of tomatoes already but this one still excites me.  The seller sent a sheet of “tomato basics” with tomato germinating, fertilizing, and pruning tips.
These will be getting a late start but there is still plenty of time left before spring.  I’m not sure how many more seedlings I can reasonably take care of in a travel trailer but hopefully at least 12 more since I plan on starting 6 pods each of the Italian Heirloom and Giant Italian Tree tomatoes.



Any Thoughts?

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