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Meet Jerry January 29, 2013

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Jerry is a 35 year old African Land Tortise. He weighs oover 200 pounds and is still growing. They live over a hundred years. Jerry is part of a rescue group visiting from North Carolina. He is one of 6 on tour at this time. I saw him at the hardware store in Ravenel, SC. He and his friends will be there taking donations the rest of the day before heading toward Edisto tomorrow. If you are in the area stop by and check him out. Donations are accepted, appreciated, and help fund further rescues. The 6 on tour help fund care for over 30 animals. Even if you can’t make a donation stop in and learn about this wonderful prehistoric, living fosil of a creature. I learned today that unlike turtles tortise can not swim because they are too heavy. Who knew??? The man who raised Jerry from an egg, that’s who.


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