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Yay potatoes January 27, 2013

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Last week I found onions starts, seed potatoes, and bare root strawberries for sale so I bought a little bit of everything.  I came home with 3 types of onion starts(210 baby onions total), 20 each of 3 types of strawberry plants, and 3lbs each of 2 types of seed potatoes.  The strawberry plants and onion starts I planted on the same day I moved the last 2 peach trees.  The potatoes however have to have a bit of prep work before planting.
I started the process by first leaving them in a bucket with inoculated, damp peat overnight to establish beneficial bacteria and fungus on the surface of the potato skin.  The following day I cut them into chunks, leaving a minimum of 2 nice eyes per section.  Then I spread them out all over the table to dry, allowing the cut parts to harden up some.  Having good bacteria already in place should help keep the bad bacteria that can rot the potato away.  Today I planted them, and for a change I actually remembered to take pictures step by step so here they are.


laying out a boundry with swamp magnolia


laying down a THIN layer of newspaper and spacing the potatoes out on it


I covered it with a little bit of peat, dug from where my driveway will be


milipede found while digging peat


over the peat I places sticks that should help keep digging critters from digging here (Ihope)


after that I added a layer of pine needles and leaf litter


finally I coved it all with top soil from the future driveway.


I made quite a messy little hole today and it will get worse as I add more soil to the top of my potatoes. I just can't justify driving on such lovely soil.


Any Thoughts?

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