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What a fungi January 25, 2013

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I bet you don’t see many gardeners bragging about how well their mold is growing but that is exactly what I am here to do today. I innoculated this peat with soluble mycorrhizae (available from ) and also mixed in a small amount of vegetable and tomato granular fertilizer from Jobe’s Organics. This fertilizer is 2-7-4 and has a wide range of beneficial fungus and bacteria in it. It has a little bit of all purposse fish fertilizer (2-2-2) from “Alaska”. I found this and the Jobe’s both at Lowes and both are labeled for organic agriculture. My original purpose for making up this mix was to have a good mix for moving seedling into when the peat pods were getting too small. So far only the cucumbers and okra had to be moved. Since I put the mix into a tray of 18 pots and only needed 9 for seedlings I decided to use some of the pots to start citrus seeds. This left me with just 2 empty pots. The beneficial bacteria and fungus live on dead plant matter, which is exactly what peat is. I wasn’t sure how it would go without any plants but it seems to be doing great all on its own. Now I can use bits of this to innoculate other soil. I have never been so happy to see mold growing in a pot before in my life. These beneficials are what brings soil to life. They help fend off harmful fungus and and bacteria and also add to the plants root system, helping the plant take up more water and nutrients. This makes them more drought tolerant and disease resistant as well as increasing growth and production. This is my first year using soil inoculant but I can already tell the difference, especially in the roots of young seedlings and cuttings. I especially recommend the soluble mycorrhizae from Bountiful Gardens. It was cheap and it does wonders for root growth.


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  1. Everything has a purpose in life, that’s for sure!

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