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Cast iron skillet method for cooking rabbit January 25, 2013

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This rabbit was raised by Blue Chips Farm Inc of Fountain Inn, SC. And bought by me from a lady with a habd painted sign by the road advertising everything from rabbit and bison to gator meat and bait worms. I do not recall the woman’s name but the place is on Tom Pike Lane in Summerville, SC for anyone who wants to stop by. Since I have been living in the city it has been a long while since I raised any rabbits of my own so my memory was a little rusty on just how to cook one. I decided to go with a simple recipe, just rabbit with some salt and pepper in my trust little cast iron skillet. I started it off on the stove top with a little coconut oil and cooked it just enough to brown a little. From there it went into the oven for about 45 minutes on 350. Note that this isn’t even half of a rabbit since I am cooking for one. The same method could easily be used for more, just use a bigger pan so it isn’t crammed together. Ideally you do not want them touching. You could use this method without the cast iron skillet by starting off in a fry pan and finishing it in a shallow baking dish. I like my cast iron because it is less cleaning for me since it is all in one pan that is incredibly nonstick when propperly seasoned. In fact there is seldom any need to wash the pan, just wipe clean or rinse with warm water. If you do use water DO NOT use soap and DO dry the pan immediately by putting it on a hot burner or in the oven with a dab of seasoning oil. I have found flax seed oil to work even better than the lard I grew up using . Leave it on the heat until the oil is smoking just a little and then pick it up with a hot pad and swirl the oil up onto the sides of the pan. Put the pan back onto the heat for a minute or two and then turn it off. After doing this you should be back to nonstick perfection again. I really recommend just wiping the pan out though. For those of you going ” omg, the germs” trust me, they do not survive being heated up and it hasn’t killed me or even made me sick. Given that this was the standard thing for a long time and before that people cooked on rocks and such I am quite confident that i am doing no harm and maybe even some good by using these methods.


2 Responses to “Cast iron skillet method for cooking rabbit”

  1. diogenesruiz Says:

    I think I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

    • I was slightly offended by your comment until I clicked your profile. Directions for cooking a rabit are probably not at all what you were looking for. Perhaps some of my gardening posts would be more up your alley?

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