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I finally replanted the last two January 24, 2013

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I have been moving plants ever since finding out that I had been working on the wrong plot of land but had taken a break since being bitten by my sister -in-law’s dog on christmas and then catching my hubby being scuzzy and moving out. Last weekend I stopped by to check all of the plants and noticed these 2 peach trees about ready to break dormancy. I knew I needed to get a move on and get them moved or it would cause them a major setback. Today I finally got out there and got them moved. They kind of blend into the background of the picture but here they are in their new home. For company I planted onions, garlic, strawberries, a “blue girl” rose, mint, beebalm, and a variety of wild flower seeds and flowering bulbs. I also scattered come white clover, red clover, and red wheat seeds. Now comes the patience part….


Any Thoughts?

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