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Foraged pecan January 21, 2013

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Last October while at rUNDEAD doing massages and watching people race while being chased by zombies, I noticed ungathered pecans littering the ground. Being the type that I am, I couldn’t help collecting some of the soggy nuts into a side compartment of my purse where they have been ever since. I finally thought about them and decided to crack one open to see if they are good. I found this one to be nicely filled and the nut was slightly sweet and almost creamy. I think I will try to germinate the rest of them. My little property could have one or two trees and I’m sure I can find homes for any extras. I just counted and their are 23 more pecans, but I’m sure not all of them are good. I will have to read up on the proper steps to get them growing and post more later.


One Response to “Foraged pecan”

  1. It is nice to grow trees from seeds and watch them grow big!

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