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Warm weather veggie tray January 19, 2013

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This is the tray of warm weather veggies I started earlier in the week. I have been a little worried about the less than ideal coonditions. I know seeds for warm weather crops often rot if the soil isn’t warm enough but putting the tray on a heating pad at night seems to be doing the trick. The warm weather is gone for now so they are stuck inside until it warms up some. We used to have tomatoes volunteer to grow sometimes but this is the first time I have actually started them from seeds. I have 12 different types of tomato as well as 3 types of peppers and some cucumber and okra. The seeds are all organic heirloom varieties from Bountiful Gardens and e-bay. The tomato varieties are: Graham’s Good Keeper Big Rainbow Brandywine Caro Rich Marmande Evergreen Cherokee Purple Beefsteak Rutgers Roma Large Red Cherry Chadwick’s Cherry The last 2 are cherry tomatoes (in case it isn’t obvious enough just from their names) but the rest are big. Some of these I am not at all familiar with and my internet is limited to my phone which has a poor connection most of the time out here in the sticks. I will try to come edit this later or maybe just make a whole other post about the differences in the tomatoes. I have a couple more types I left in the fridge when moving, including my Giant Italian Tree Tomatoes. I will have to get these before planting the next round of seedlings. The peppers in this tray are: Jimmy Nardello’s Sweet Italian Peppers California Wonder Sweet Bell and Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper. In my next set of seeds I plan to start some Sweet Baby Bell Peppers as well. They will be from my own seed saving efforts so I just hope the seeds are good. Also in this tray are Clemson Spineless Okra which is supposed to be one of the best in the world. I have had okra many ways since coming to the south and I have to let you know, I do NOT like okra one bit. I would not have planted any if it weren’t for the family who’s yard I am camped out in. The man of the house seemed almost offended when I said I don’t like okra and seems quite certain that if I had it how he makes it I will like okra. I started 3 little peat pods of the stuff and I guarantee the plants will go in the ground here, not on my plot. I figure love plays a part in gardening and if the okra died under my care it wound be from lack of love for them….as I said before I don’t even like them. I had one row left in the tray and decided to use some of the “cucumber mix” seeds from Bountiful Gardens to fill them since I wanted to keep the entire tray planted in warm weather crops. The reason for this goes.back to what I said earlier about the seeds germinating. Warm weather crops need warm soil to germinate. Cool weather crops on the other hand need cool soil. If it is too warm they will not germinate. Anyway the cucumbers are a little random since I do not know what types they are. I suppose I will see when they produce. Since my main gardening objective this year is to provide as much of my own food as possible and I do not need a million and one cucumbers of one kind all at once buying one seed packet with multiple varieties should work great. I half expected the different types to be dyed because the packet of “tomato mix” seeds did come dyed by type. That is where the first 6 varieties of tomatoes I listed came from. I got 4 to 8 seeds of 6 varieties all in one packet. One of my reasons for this is because I want to try a variety and see what does best and tastes best to me. Tomatoes are a love of mine but something tells me I will have plenty to share. I planted 2 tomato seeds (and did the same with most of the other seeds too) in each little peat pod. This gives a better chance of each one having a good strong seed. If more than one comes up you can often separate them out when you transplant them if you are careful or just thin them by pulling out the weaker looking seedling. With some plants you can just let them be and they will do fine. For example if 2 swiss chard come up in the same pod I will just let them live like that. Tomatoes get big and are heavy feeders so it really is best to thin them. I will write more later but typing on my phone is killing me.


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  1. What did you plant the seeds in? I just purchased a bunch of seeds and pellets for planting, but it looks like yours have some sort of plastic over them.

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