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Personal stuff and some updates January 13, 2013

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I know a few people following this blog do not know me personally and I do not normally get into personal things here but I feel like I should let you know why I have gone silent for so long both here and on the revivalnatural facebook page.  I caught my husband doing some rather inexcusable things involving women and drugs.  I’ll spare you the details and myself the typing.
After trying to find a way for us to still be together it became more and more obvious that it was simply time for me to go and so I have.  I don’t usually even mention him on here because he has stayed throughly uninvolved with my projects.  I thought it was just a lack of interest in gardening, natural building etc. But I guess he had other things to do all along.  Silly me, thinking he was just sitting home being lazy.
I am now staying in a travel trailer not far from the Revival project site.  It is further from one job and closer to another so hopefully it will all work out.  The trailer is inside of a fenced yard and there is a puppy for my dog to play with too.  I have electric and today I went and refilled a propane tank so now I can cook without having to go “inside”.  The bathroom has been torn out and the condition of the rest of the plumbing is unknown so no running water out here.  I can go out and get water from the hose for coffee and cooking.  I have to go in to use the toilet for now.
I have some buckets and a drill so I plan to make a composting toilet instead of having to go inside all of the time.  I have used an outhouse before and plan to have a composting toilet in my cottage so imo it could be much worse.  I plan on a nice composting toilet for the cottage, not a homemade bucket one but who knows, maybe I will decide to keep using a homemade one and save about 1,500.  Time will tell.  I will try to remember to take pictures of the toilet being built but often I start things with such enthusiasm that I forget all about you folks in blog land.
For now I shower inside but I might do some experimenting with making an outdoor solar heated shower.
I bought some tarps today and plan on fashioning then into some outdoor living space.  I also put down some cedar mulch outside the door.  I. Am hoping it will help keep sand from being tracked so bad.  I know fleas and other bugs usually avoid cedar so hopefully it will help with that as well.  The aromatic cedar mulch was nearly twice the price of the cypress blend mulch but if it keeps fleas and other pests away $4.04 is a cheap price to pay.  I won’t really know how well it works for wiping off dog feet until morning.  When the dew dampens the surface of the sand it clings on and tracks inside really bad.  If it works out here my friends will try it for their home as well.  They have outdoor carpet by the door now but it isn’t much help, even when cleaned several times a day.
Despite all of the craziness of fighting and moving and trying to work 2 jobs I did get to the property earlier and transplanted the garlic from the great garlic experiment into a raised bed near the ditch.
I also started a worm bin today.  It started off as removing damaged leaves from my 2 avocado trees and not wanting to just toss them on the ground or the trash.  There is no compost pile here and I always wanted a worm bucket anyway.  For now it is just leaves, damp cardboard, this morning’s coffee grounds and some used potting soil.  I bought a pack of 30 red worms to start it off and my friend’s son was having a good time finding various worms to stick in there too.  They looked like the right kind for worm compost so hopefully they do ok.  I know night crawlers like to migrate from place to place and do not like being confined so do not buy them for a worm bucket/pile.
I also started getting things set up to begin planting my spring veggies inside.  I had been planning to do this at the home I shared with my hubby and refuse to let him cause a problem that will have a chain effect that could last all year.  I will start my baby tomatoes on schedule!
I started reading the book ” Gardening in the South with Don Hastings: Fruits and Vegetables” last night.  I am only on page 39 but so far it is very informative.  Gardening in Michigan and gardening in South Carolina are two very different things and I am learning a ton.  Hopefully this book helps take the edge off the learning curve for me.
My only internet right now is on my phone and I cannot figure out how to make updates on the Revival facebook page.  I also do not see how to spell check this so I will read over it and try not to publish anything too crazy.  If something slips by please be forgiving.  That’s all for now 🙂


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