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Garlic update December 30, 2012

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The great garlic experiment is somewhat a draw. The plants in miracle grow organic choice and vigro organic seem to be doing about the same. One thing I have learned from this experriment is that garlic grow lots of roots. I think I will be transplanting these into the ground next week. The roots are already escaping the pots now. I’m curious to see what things are going to look like when I transplant them. I can tell you now that larger pots would be needed to try growing garlic to maturity in a container.



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Of the seeds I planted about a week ago, the radishes are first to come up.


Dragonfruit update

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I only see new growth on one of the dragonfruit cuttings. It is one that had started to rot and I thought for sure it was a gonner. Instead it is first to grow:-)


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