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Planting outside December 19, 2012

Today I refurbished the tiny garden I have been trying to grow things in this year.  I have winter squash that have been producing flowers for months now but nothing more and I was about to pull them when I noticed a TINY little baby squash.  So the two winter squash (from a plant swap so variety unknown) will get to stay for now after all.

I lifted some Greek Oregano out of the middle of the bed and moved it to a back corner, behind a lavender that managed to survive.  The entire bed is only 4’x4′ so I can reach everywhere but the back corner.  I planted some Sugar Snap peas in a circle around the squash and then the edges near there with some Tall Top Early Wonder beets.  In the center of the one side I planted some Dinosaur Kale in a staggered row.  In the corner I did a bunch of Cherry Belle radishes.  Along the side of that in the middle of the side I did a row of Rainbow Mix chard.  In the next corner is Bronze Arrow lettuce, which is a loose leaf variety.  Behind that I planted 4 rows of carrots.

I know this must sound like a huge amount for such a small space but keep in mind I am talking about a row that is 12-18 inches long.  For seed spacing I try to get them about as far apart as it says to thin the seedlings to.  I can always plant a couple more seeds in a week or two if there are any thin spots.  I got the idea to lay it out like this from the book “Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on 1/4 acre” by Brett L Markham.  The book takes a very holistic approach to creating a small urban farm including great tips on maximizing the amount of food grown in small spaces.  This will not be the only method (not by a long shot) that I use on my .3 acre plot but expect to see the influence throughout the “Kitchen Garden” as it develops.

All of the seeds I planted today are organic.  Everything except the radishes came from Bountiful Gardens.  I have to say again, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for organic heirloom seeds.  The radish seeds are from Burpee and I got them at Lowe’s.  Burpee does have a good selection of organic seeds available but do be aware, as you look at their website, that most of their seeds are not organic.


Any Thoughts?

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