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The great garlic experiment December 1, 2012

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Since I have to either plant my garlic at my home or store them hoping the conditions in my home are good enough and I really want to get them growing as soon as possible I have decided to start them in pots outside. I had intended to put them straight into the ground but am going to give them a start in pots so I can transplant them later with everything needing moved as it is. As you can see the seed garlic from Bountiful Gardens is huge and healthy. The bulb in the picture weighs about a quarter pound and is an organic inchelium red. Since the garlic is organic it seems ridiculous to even consider planting it in potting soil that isn’t organic. I was able to find 2 types of organic potting soil. One is from Vigro and the other is Miracle-gro’s organic choice. I am starting cloves from one of the garlic bulbs with half in one mix and half in the other and they will be getting the same level of care. Let’s see which does better. My vote going into this is for the Vigro organic potting mix just because of the smell and feel of it. The miracle-gro smells moldy and has large chunks of bark in it. The vigro also held more moisture.  When I watered them the water penetrated the Vigro mix and left it evenly moist.  The Miracle-gro on the other hand seemed almost water repellent.  The water just sat on top for a long time.  We’ll see how things progress.


One Response to “The great garlic experiment”

  1. suburbanstead Says:

    I ordered the same type of garlic from Bountiful Gardens this season! It was beautiful. Best of luck… I’m very interested to see the outcome of this experiment.

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