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Some thoughts on removing carbon from the atmosphere November 4, 2012

Filed under: Sustainable Energy class — revivalnatural @ 9:05 am

As part of the Sustainable Energy class I am taking I was reading about some different ideas for removing carbon from our atmosphere and one of the ones discussed was growing trees, cutting them down, burying them and growing more. At current rates we would need more land area than exist to do this on a large enough scale to make up for what we are putting in and that is before you take into consideration all of the energy that would go into planting, cutting, and burying these trees.  What if instead of cutting them down in a way that would require replanting we cut them while the sap is down in the roots (winter) and allowed the same trees to regrow.  They should grow more quickly because the root system is already fully established.  Instead of digging into the ground to bury the wood that has been cut, they could be stacked up and covered with a layer of compost and then allowed to break down naturally resulting in better top soil.  I wonder how much carbon could be sequestered using this method. It is still obvious that we need to cut down on our fossil fuel consumption so the amount of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere every day decreases.


Any Thoughts?

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