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Rhubarb and winter savory already germinating September 15, 2012

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Victoria rhubarb


Winter savory

I just started them on 9-11-12 and did not expect to see anything yet.  I had them on the dresser in my bedroom but since they are sprouting I brought them out to the porch.  I will probably put their lid on them at night until they get too tall for it.  These are from the permaculture collection I bought from Bountiful Gardens.


One Response to “Rhubarb and winter savory already germinating”

  1. I just looked and something is coming up in the pot I planted the asparagus in as well. This was planted 9-11-12 as well and had about 2 inches of soil over the seeds so if it really is an asparagus plant already I am pretty impressed with them. If it is I will take a picture in a couple days. It hasn’t unfolded at all yet so I can’t see any leaves or anything to try to identify it as an asparagus or not. I have never grown asparagus from seed before so I’m not sure what the first leaves look like. Google, here I come lol

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