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Mums and wildflower seeds September 11, 2012

Filed under: Gardening — revivalnatural @ 11:34 am




I cut down the small trees and weeds next to a pecan tree along side the ditch a couple weeks ago.  Sunday I put down a thick layer of newspaper, followed by a bag of chopped oak leaves, grass clippings and sandy soil (from the local dump), a bag of topsoil, 2 bags of composted cow manure, and finally cypress mulch after putting the mums in place and scattering wildflower seeds all about.  I also used a partially decomposed log I found nearby for added interest and to help pin the newspaper down.  I scattered wildflower seeds all along the ditch where I raked , picked up trash, and burned last month.  New ferns are coming up along the ditch naw as well. 


Any Thoughts?

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