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Progress August 19, 2012

Filed under: Gardening — revivalnatural @ 6:51 am

As seems to often be the case with large projects done on small budgets, progress is slow.  Today when I go out I am going to take pictures from the street again so everyone can see what is done so far though.  I think being able to compare it to previous pictures will really show how much progress has been made in the doing part of the project.  In reality most of the progress is mental and I cannot take a picture of that.  Researching and figuring and deciding is the part I can do anytime from anywhere so I do.  Every spare moment is spent looking up information on building, gardening, beekeeping, or some other task that I will need to know how to perform for this whole project to come together.  I was looking up community gardens on facebook and accidentally found Charleston Community Apiary and Garden.  It is a new project and I am getting in from the very first official meeting, which will be in September.  Members of this small group also overlap with another facebook group  which is the Charleston Area Beekeepers Association.  As a larger group, their facebook page seems to be a good place to ask questions.  Based on all of the information I have gathered I am going to haul home the 1x12s from the site in Ravenel and use them to build a top bar hive in my North Charleston yard, where there is electricity to run a circular saw.  This will give me a good project for during the week next week so that I feel like I am getting something done instead of having to wait until I go out to the land to make good progress on one of my goals.  It is almost 7 and finally getting light out so it is almost time for me to start organizing and loading up for the day.


Any Thoughts?

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