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A Victim of Good Intentions July 16, 2012

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Sunday is my only real day off all week and we finally got a little break from the 100+ degree heat so I figured I would get the materials for a shallow well and haul them out to the property.  I went to Home Depot and got a well point, check valve and variety of pipe and fittings.

Then came the task of fitting them into the little hatchback car I drive.  The pipes are 10′ long and not real flexible.  I managed to get them in through the back and diagonal across my car with the ends near the windshield on the passenger side, but they would not fit inside so I could close the hatch.

The man parked next to me saw what was happening and decided to try to help.  Unfortunately he tried harder instead of smarter resulting in a cracked windshield.  He asked if I had full coverage, I told him no, and he was out of there in a flash.  What could I really do?

I figured out that if I rolled down the front passenger window, took off the front passenger seat’s headrest, pulled the seat forward, and then leaned it back, the pipes fit just fine in the car.

I paid$175 today for a windshield replacement.  (The well parts were only $74.)

I’ve been through so many things so much worse than this that I can laugh when telling this story.  While it was an expense and an inconvenience for me I hold no ill will toward the man who tried to help me.  I know he saw me struggling and had the best of intentions  Having something broken when you have the money to fix isn’t all that bad, it’s when you don’t have the money or even have a clue how to get the money that it can really suck.  Been there, done that, over it!

P.S. Dad, this happened about 10 minutes after we got off the phone.


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