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Looking up July 14, 2012

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I spent the night on my plot of land for the first time last night.  I stayed up until 2:30am slowly feeding a small fire limbs from the 3 trees I cut down on 7-4-12 .  When I woke up this morning and crawled out of my makeshift tarp shelter I looked up.  I actually have a small clearing now 🙂

Some tree IDs:

Lower middle- southern yellow pine.  I have many of these but plan to take most of them down because they seem to rot at the base and fall over.  The one you can see in the picture is actually quite a ways away but leans quite a bit.  It seems stable and that particular tree isn’t showing signs of rot yet, but another one out on the property is rotting at the base, and leaning.  I want all of these away from my future building site so  won’t have to go through the hassle of removing them while trying not to hit the house 10 years from now or have one fall on my home or outbuildings.

Just left of the pine, on the lower edge of the picture, is a swamp magnolia, also known by sweet bay, and many other common names.  This is not the same as the sweet bay leaves used in cooking.   The sweet bay used for cooking is Laurus noblis.  Magnolia virginiana is the tree I am talking about here and it does have some folk remedies associated with it but to my knowledge is not used for culinary purposes.   It produces a white flower, much like a magnolia tree and I guess they are cousins.  The swamp magnolia has a smaller flower and isn’t quite as messy as the southern magnolia tree common to my areas residential landscapes.  These can get bigger here than they do in other areas of the country but typically they only get 20 ft tall, which will make them easy enough to manage.  Their fruit/seed pod isn’t anything I have heard of people eating but they are a valuable food resource for birds, squirrels and other wild life.

Entire right side is a gumball tree.  Notice the lovely star shaped leaves.  Unfortunately they also produce “gumballs” which are a nasty thorny seed pod.  They will get stuck in your foot if you step on one barefoot.  Since I prefer to go barefoot 90+% of the time, the gumballs must all die MUAHAHAHAHA

I have not identified the other trees in this picture (or on the land in general) but these three types of trees seem to be dominant.  Right now I can’t even see the tops of some trees because it is so thick.  The variety of trees here is different from my home state of Michigan so it is a bit of a challenge sometimes.  I would not have been able to ID the swamp magnolia so easily, but the flowers are all on the ground and I noticed the leaves looked similar to the magnolia trees commonly used in landscapes here, but with silver on  the underside.


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  1. Lots of info here about your land. Have you discovered any info yet as-to the water table there? I am thinking of having Kirk to pound a well point in, out by my new pond out front. The extremely dry weather has the pond level at about 4 1/2 foot vs the over 8 foot it normally is, so that tells you what the ground water evel is here right now. I figure he can do it close to where the pond is (the Law says it must be 25 foot away), but by being close to the pond…He knows when he will hit ground water. He bought an old full size hand pump last Summer at a Yard Sale so he could install it out there and I would say he could probably be sure to get pure water and be able to maintain it at about 18 foot. You can get water at two foot here in the Spring so its hard to say how far in order to insure that it works in a dry Summer, like this one.

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