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What to do when you don’t have a truck July 13, 2012

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Growing up on the family farm in a rural area trucks were everywhere.  Most families had a truck and in some family that was the vehicle of choice for all family members including the lady of the house and junior’s first vehicle too.  Now I feel I have been citified.  I drive a little Hyundai Elantra hatchback.  It is good on gas, gets me from point A to point B with minimal hassle, and can even haul quite a bit if I fold the backseats down.  I even drug home a sectional sofa one piece at a time in it.  In my current day to day life a truck has more minuses than plusses, but now as I begin to collect building materials I am finding my car very inconvenient.  Not a single sheet of plywood will fit 😦

I first thought of the idea to rent a truck.  This seems like a good idea as a short term solution but would mean renting the truck every time I need to haul something.  Since I am on such a tight budget I don’t have the money to just go out and buy all of my supplies at once.  I will need a truck many times over the coming months.  I might have to do this once or twice, but I can’t consider it a long term solution so….

I thought about buying a truck.  If I were to buy a truck I would probably have to sell my car to afford it.  My car has over 180k on it though so it is not going to be an acceptable trade-in at any dealership.  Do to money constraints I would have to sell my car and then buy the truck.  I still wouldn’t have much money though and would have to buy an older truck.  My car is getting up there itself, but at least I know what issues it has.  I think my chances of finding an old clunker pick-up that gets anywhere close to the mileage I get now are slim to none.  Except for hauling the building supplies I have no real use for a truck right now.  It all seems like an unnecessary risk for me to take at this point so….

I could borrow a truck.  My brother-in-law has a truck….a nice shiny new one…that he probably wouldn’t want all scratched up.  Who else do I know with a truck???  A WORK TRUCK….not one of these city trucks around here with their chrome rims and fancy paint jobs. I don’t know anyone with the kind of truck I need to use so…….

What else is left?…

Maybe I just need to figure out how to make my car do a better job of doing truck stuff…  Maybe a trailer!?!  YES a trailer!  My little car can haul plywood after all 😀

For a few hundred dollars, a good, realistic, long term solution to my hauling needs.  This will be my next purchase for the mini-homestead 🙂 but this weekend….I think I’ll rent a truck!


Any Thoughts?

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